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We recognize that the transition into a retirement community can often be overwhelming. In several cases, this transition and insight into the world of retirement living can often bring several questions, and during this time as questions arise, we are here help! We have provided below a list of frequently asked questions people often encounter when considering retirement communities.

Q: What types of Care Options are available?
A: At Carriage Hill we offer two different levels of care; Assisted Living and Memory Care. We also offer additional care coverage above and beyond the standard level, which we term as Extended Personal Care and Premium Personal Care. These two care levels are services that exceed the amount of standard care delivered to our residents, or involve care services that have to be rendered by a licensed nurse. An additional charge is applicable for Extended
Personal Care and Premium Personal Care.

Assisted Living is the ideal level of care for individuals who need assistance or help with certain tasks associated with everyday living. These tasks can be anything from assistance with dressing, bathing, or grooming, to medication management, meal preparation and/or housekeeping or cleaning. The needs of each resident varies, and at Carriage Hill this is why we customize our Care Plans to make sure the appropriate combination of services is provided to offer our residents the right opportunity to succeed.

Memory Care is the appropriate level of care for individuals who need assistance with tasks of daily living, and who suffer from some form of cognitive memory impairment such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. Our Memory Care community offers a secured environment with access to staff 24 hours a day. Our staff is specially trained to work with residents who suffer from cognitive conditions associated with memory loss, and our community environment is conducive to help stimulate their cognitive functioning.

Q: Do you help with the ordering or management of medications?
A: At Carriage Hill medication management is included in our all-inclusive lifestyle. When a resident admits to Carriage Hill we take responsibility for the ordering, distribution, and refilling of our resident’s medications. The cost associated with medication management is included in the cost of the residents monthly rent.

Q: How do you determine what level of care I need?
A: Level of care is determined different at each respective community. At Carriage Hill we conduct a pre-admission nursing assessment on every resident that is considering admission to our community. This allows our nursing staff to evaluate a potential resident medically, and have a full disclosure of their medically related needs, concerns, and history so that we know exactly what we will need to do to properly care for this resident. Once we determine a resident’s medical history, and current needs, we then evaluate which level of care in our community this resident will most safely function in. Our primary concern is the safety of our residents and when we determine an appropriate level of care for our residents, we evaluate where they can function the most independently, and where they will be the safest. Our pre-admission assessment also allows our health care team to evaluate whether an individual’s care is within our abilities. If an individual requires a higher level of care than we can provide, we have a procedure in place so we can recommend them to our partners in the community who can meet their needs.

Q: Do you offer 24-hour nursing?
A: We have access to nurses either in our building or on call 24 hours a day.

Q: What services do you offer?
A: Carriage Hill offers an all-inclusive lifestyle. The services our residents require vary from general oversight and cuing for services to hands on assistive care. We customize a service care plan to combine the appropriate mix of services for each individual resident. For our residents of both levels of care, we offer assistance with activities of daily living, all utilities except local phone and television, assistance with medication management, bathing assistance, a full calendar of social programming and activities, three meals daily, housekeeping services, socialization and much more! All of these basic services are included in the cost of living at Carriage Hill.

Q: How much does senior living in a retirement community cost?
A: The cost of senior living varies per community, apartment size, and services associated with each individual resident. The pricing at Carriage Hill is based on the level of care for an individual, and the size apartment they are living in. Our Cost Calculator may be helpful to consider while you are evaluating the cost of senior living. For more information, please contact our admissions department at (540) 586-5982.

Q: What types of activities do you have?
A: Every community varies on the different types of activities that they offer to their residents. Our residents at Carriage Hill participate in a full social programming calendar of activities ranging from bingo, to cards, and even movie night. Our activities calendar is carefully designed to stimulate the cognitive and physical functioning of our residents. We have specially designed activities for our Memory Care residents as well that stimulate sensory receptors in the brain which help to trigger memories.

Q: Can I bring my own furniture?
A: Most communities in the senior living industry provide unfurnished units to their new residents. At Carriage Hill we encourage our residents and families to bring their own furniture when they move in. Having a sense of familiarity, especially when in transition, can provide comfort to residents as they adjust to their new surroundings.

Q: Do you offer short term stays?
A: Carriage Hill does offer short term stay for residents. Short term assisted living, or Respite care is offered, and the fee is based on a daily rate. Sometimes caregivers and family members have circumstances that require them to step away from their loved ones, and they fear leaving them home while they take care of the demands of their own lives. At Carriage Hill we provide a safe, fully serviced environment for families to bring their loved one when they need to step away for a short period of time. Respite residents receive the same care as a permanent resident, with the intention of a scheduled discharge.

Q: Do you have to sign a long term lease?
A: Senior living communities vary in the lease terms that an individual is required to agree upon when moving in. At Carriage Hill we operate with a 30 day notice to vacate. This means that our lease agreement is month to month. There is no long term lease agreement that is signed, however the contract does not need to be renewed every month. The contract is good for the entire length of a resident’s stay, with editable addendums that cover specific costs and changing services as applicable.

Q: How do I schedule a tour?
A: Once an individual has gathered favorable information regarding a community, one may be interested in stopping by to take a tour. Scheduling a tour at Carriage Hill is very simple! You can call (540) 586-5982 and ask to speak with our marketing team about coming in to view our community, or you can fill out our Contact Form online, and submit a request for someone to call you and set up an appointment!